Thursday, November 6, 2008

You Design It: Cozy Cottage Contest

This will be our largest renovation on the property - the garage must come down, and in its place we want to add a simple one-room retreat where business travelers can have a spot to work while still relaxing. It would also be the ideal booking for economy-minded travelers on a budget!

We need you to design with the business traveler in mind, and work with a reasonably small space. The new room would probably be no bigger than approximately 12x16, and would need to include at a minimum a shower and a kitchenette in addition to the furniture.

We know there are people out there who build their careers off of the challenge of converting small spaces into wonderful places, and we are sure you will impress us with your good taste!

This bidding opportunity includes the most levels, as it will be our most expensive project. This also means more gifts for you should you choose to bid at the highest level! Please be aware that the remodeling choices in this option will not be available to be redeemed right away - we will not be doing this remodel for another 1-5 years. However, you will be kept updated as to all progress we are making and an approximate date for the remodel to begin once we are at that point. Also, you will still be allowed to redeem your other prizes (free room stay, package deals,etc) already this year.

The money raised by the bids will be used toward paying for remodeling on the bed and breakfast property, and toward the designs that the winning bidder picks out. If for any reason the deal does not go through, the winning bidder will receive a refund of their money less Ebay and PayPal fees (if applicable). We require that the payment be made via a certified check from the bidder's bank or made via PayPal or Revolution Money Exchange (if you are unfamiliar with this payment site, please click the link at the bottom of the page to learn more. It is similar to PayPal but does not charge transaction fees.) Payment will be required in full within 14 business days of the closing bid.

Bidding Details:
- For bids of $2,000 or less, the winning bidder will get to choose the lighting fixtures for the cottage.
- For bids of $2,001 to $4,000 the winning bidder will also get to select the style of the dining room furniture, and will receive one free night's stay with the purchase of one night's stay in any of our suites (max. 3 free nights).
- For bids of $4,001 to $6,000 the winning bidder will also get to select the style of the living room furniture with a coordinating area rug, and will receive a $50 gift card to a local restaurant of their choice with the booking of a room at The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast.
- For bids of $6,001 to $8,000 the winning bidder will also get to select the style and design of the bedroom furniture, and may choose one of our bed and breakfast packages to be added to their stay at no additional cost.
- For bids of $8,001 to $10,000 the winning bidder will also get to choose the design of our cottage entryway, including the door. The winning bidder receives two tickets to a local attraction or event worth up to $100 to enjoy during their stay at no additional cost.
- For bids of $10,001 to $12,000 the winning bidder will also get to choose the bathroom fixtures, including the toilet, sink and tub. The winning bidder receives one free additional night's stay (buy one night, get two free, up to 3 free nights only).
- For bids of $12,001 to $14,000 the winning bidder will also get to choose the kitchen design, including the cabinets, counter tops and sink. The winner bidder also receives a dinner party to be hosted during their choice of evenings during their stay, that will include appetizers and desserts for up to 8 people in the main floor suite of the bed and breakfast during the hours of 7pm and 9pm.
- For bids of $14,001 to $16,000 the winning bidder will get to choose all wall colors throughout the cottage to coordinate with the furniture that they have picked out. The winning bidder will receive one free nights stay in one of the remaining two suites of the main home for their guests to use during the evening of the dinner party.
- For bids of $16,001 to $18,000 the winning bidder will select the flooring to be installed throughout the cottage, and will receive a special handmade gift package from the owners.
- For bids of $18,001 to $20,000 the winning bidder will be able to name the suite. This is the chance to have your name leave a legacy, or perhaps to honor someone who has passed away. We reserve the right to refuse names that are rude or otherwise offensive, and may ask you to come up with a less-offensive name option.
- For bids of $20,000 or more, the winning bidder will help to select the final layout of the cottage, and design an additional loft to be added onto the cottage at some point in the future.

All bidding prizes are cumulative (for example, the winning bidder at the $8,001-$10,000 level would still receive the $6-8k, $4-6k, and $2-4k prizes). There are also several other great perks to being the winning bidder, which can be found by checking out the "What Does It Mean To Be A Winning Bidder?" link on the right side of this page.

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